Barking’s MOBO-winning gospel singer

MOBO award-winning minister and gospel singer Evans Ogboi tells Sebastian Murphy-Bates about preaching the word of God to fight sex and violence in music today


“As the minister at the Living Faith Connections Church in Barking, I lead its gospel choir.

“As Christians, we have a commission to spread the good news – Jesus said we should go out and spread the good news so I’m fulfilling the scriptures.

“The choir’s performances create the environment for God to move and touch people – the most important thing about the performance is for God to touch his people. We are just representatives of God.

“Some secular music, like hip-hop, encourages sex and violence.

“Rappers talk about shooting people and some female artists put out an image that’s not decent and young people look to them for inspiration.

“But the right kind of music creates an environment for God to move.

“In 2014 the choir was on Songs of Praise.

“After that performance we had people contacting us who said they had felt the presence of God while watching us on the BBC.

“One person said their daughter was crying and another said their atheist brother saw our performance and became a believer in God.

“When we were nominated for a MOBO for Best Gospel Act 2014 we didn’t think we stood a chance against all the big shots.

“But when we won it was like a reward for all our hard work.”

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